Advanced vocabulary test

  1. After loading our skis and bags, we onto the bus.
  2. The bullet entered his arm, exited his shoulder and in his jaw.
  3. The space shuttle flight had to be at the last minute because of severe weather conditions.
  4. He quit his job because he wasn't able to get along with his workers.
  5. I wasn't there, but it was a great party.
  6. His best friend him to divorce his wife after he found out she was having an affair.
  7. If you don't wear a helmet when you ride your bicycle, the current is about equal to the cost of buying a new helmet.
  8. The picnic has been cancelled on of the rain.
  9. He has been of murder in the death of his business partner.
  10. The police freed a suspected murderer because they didn't have enough to charge him.