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Recently added exercises

Stairway To Heavenwrite down the words of this song (intermediate)
No Ordinary Love by Sadewrite down the words of this song (intermediate)
Present Simple or Present Continuous?put the verbs in the correct tense ( beginner)
Passive or active voice?put the verbs in the correct form (intermediate)
Listening comprehension: Boracay – a multiple-choice test (intermediate)
Tensesput the verbs in the correct tense (intermediate)
Gerund or to+Infinitive? – an upper-intermediate open cloze use of English test (intermediate)
Things in the kitchen vocabulary exercises with picturesmatching 1, short-answer quiz 1, matching 2, short-answer quiz 2 (intermediate)
Use of English: Woman gives birth on New Jersey PATH train – an upper-intermediate open cloze test (intermediate)
Use of English: Kangaroo injures Australian politician – an upper-intermediate banked cloze test (intermediate)
Reading comprehension: Electric cars – an upper-intermediate reading comprehension exercise (intermediate)
Use of English: Nomophobia – an upper-intermediate banked cloze test (intermediate)
Question tags – an intermediate multiple-choice test (intermediate)
Intermediate use of English – a modified cloze test (intermediate)
Intermediate reading comprehension – a multiple choice test (intermediate)
Upper-intermediate use of English: Black Friday – a banked cloze exercise (intermediate)
Advanced vocabulary – word formation (advanced)
Advanced reading comprehensionmissing sentences (advanced)
Adele: Someone Like You – a listening comprehension exercise (intermediate)

Our suggestions

Which colour is it? – write the English words for these colours (beginner)
Animals: 1 · 2 · 3guess the animals from the definitions (beginner)
Since or for?decide whether “since” or “for” is correct in these sentences (pre-intermediate)
Causativepractise the causative in English; complete the text with the given causative phrases (upper intermediate)
Accuracy test – decide whether these sentences are grammatically correct or not (advanced)

Most popular exercises

Reported Speech – put the sentences into reported speech (also called “indirect speech”) (intermediate)
Have got or has got? – complete the sentences with have got or has got (beginner)
Make Present Simple sentences – use the given words to make sentences in the Present Simple tense (beginner)
Tenses – test on English tenses (intermediate)
Reading test – complete the text with the given words; a banked cloze exercise (upper intermediate)