Use of English: Tenses

A kangaroo (injure) Australian politician Shane Rattenbury in the Australian capital, Canberra, on Thursday. Mr. Rattenbury (take) a morning jog in the Canberra suburb of Ainslie when the kangaroo (surprise) him, and in the ensuing confrontation Mr. Rattenbury (scratch) several times on the leg.

By Mr Rattenbury's account, the kangaroo (be) an eastern grey kangaroo, which is a common species in Australia. Neither the kangaroo nor Mr. Rattenbury (see) each other until they (be) close, when they both (surprise) by each other. The kangaroo, which (be) behind a hedge, then (start) hopping around and Rattenbury (duck) for cover. The kangaroo (bounce) on him while he (be) still on the ground. He (leave) lying in the street while another pedestrian (go) to his assistance. He (drive) home and (visit) a hospital, receiving a tetanus shot. He (attend) parliament later that day, where his colleagues (make) kangaroo jokes about him.

There are many kangaroos living in wildlife reserves around the Australian capital, which often (enter) suburban areas. The attack (follow) previous incidents in 2009 when a kangaroo (smash) inside a Canberra home, and in 2010 when a kangaroo (knock) a jogger unconscious in nearby Mount Ainslie. Kangaroo culls in the Australian capital (hold) annually for several years, which (draw) protests. Kangaroo management in Canberra (be) the subject of a television documentary in 2011 called Kangaroo Mob.