Intermediate use of English – Exercise 1: Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath is a cape in Sutherland, Highland, in northern Scotland.

In the old days, Vikings (1) often turn their ships for home at Cape Wrath. It is one of only two places prefixed with the name "Cape" in Great Britain, the other (2) Cape Cornwall in Cornwall.

From the south, the only route to the Cape is (3) foot.

The more common approach is (4) taking a passenger ferry from Keoldale and then walking, cycling or taking a minibus for the journey (5) around 11 miles to the lighthouse, which takes the visitor through a virtually uninhabited region, used by the Royal Air Force, (6) travel to the Cape is restricted (7) certain times of year.

Cape Wrath is also the turning point for the Cape Wrath Marathon, (8) is billed as the 'Toughest Marathon in the UK', due (9) its extremely difficult terrain. The final leg of the race is run from the ferry dock and finishes at Durness Community Centre. The marathon is held each year (10) the final event in a week of races and challenges billed as 'The Cape Wrath Challenges'.