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Few clues in Little Mermaid whodunnit

Cloze test

For each gap, choose the word that best completes the text. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check answers" button. If you make a mistake, please try again until you have found all the correct answers.

   attack      beheading      call      daughter      dawn      director      fairytale      harbor      humans      investigation      officials      person      police      public      rock      statue      suspicions      symbol      theory      youths   
Danish police have been left scratching their heads as they hunt for the vandals who decapitated the Little Mermaid.
Few clues have emerged about the second in 35 years of the famous statue on Copenhagen’s waterfront, which has shocked the Danish and worried tourism .
Frogmen scouring the near the statue failed to find the Little Mermaid’s bronze head and two on roller skates seen near the landmark early on Tuesday morning have not responded to requests to help in the .
“I am afraid that the latest on the Little Mermaid can backfire on our tourism,” said Bernhard Joergensen, of the Wonderful Copenhagen tourism organization.
“It is important for a tourist city to have a like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and London’s Big Ben.”
Based on the by Hans Christian Andersen about the Sea King’s who must wait on her for 300 years before entering the world of and marrying her prince, the Little Mermaid attracts almost one million tourists a year.
The was found severed at the neck by a saw or grinding machine after an anonymous to a local television cameraman before on Tuesday.
Police are working on a that the beheading was the work of the same who sawed off a 19th century galleon figurehead at a naval base in Copenhagen just before Christmas.
The severed figurehead was found in the ladies’ toilets of a department store on Tuesday, giving rise to police a mentally disturbed woman may be behind the two decapitations.

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