English reading comprehension exercise from EnglishLearner.com - Intermediate level

Intermediate reading test 1

Read the text and then decide whether the statements are true, false or whether the information is not found in the text.

Click on the button next to your answer. There is always only one correct answer. You needn't answer the questions in the given order, but you must answer all of them correctly to complete this exercise. Click on the arrows <= and => to go to the next or previous question. If you start this test again, the questions and answers will be given in a different order.

Three men chased a mugger into East Putney station, London, after he punched and kicked an elderly woman, but were turned back at the barrier because they had no tickets, it was stated at the Central Criminal Court yesterday.
They were refused use of a telephone to call the police, so they bought platform tickets, went into the station and caught the attacker, a youth of 17. One of the pursuers had to go outside to make a 999 call.
Mr Justice Melford Stevenson said the incident deserved to be brought to the attention of the railway authorities. He sent the mugger to jail for five years.
Terry Tailor earlier had admitted assaulting Mrs Margaret Percy, aged 67, with intent to rob her.


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