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Match the eponyms and their definitions in these two columns. When you have all your answers, click on "Check answers". If you make a mistake, please try again until you've found all the correct answers

British policeman
tissue paper used as a handkerchief
when people decide to completely
ignore somebody or something, to
show that they dislike them
a closely fitting piece of clothing usually
worn when doing exercise or dancing
vacuum cleaner
when angry people kill a person
without a trial
a short, humourous poem; often nonsense
a game played by two or four people
with rackets, on a court with a net
long trousers with very wide legs
the spirit or soul
an imaginary, wonderful land; paradise
a place where water with minerals in it
comes out of the water
a woman who is interested in
intellectual ideas
ballpoint pen
swimming dress worn by women;
has two very small parts
long rubber boots

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