English grammar test from EnglishLearner.com - Upper Intermediate level

A bad day

The causative

For each gap, choose the phrase that best completes the text. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check answers" button. If you make a mistake, please try again until you have found all the correct answers.

   get anything done      get me to drive      get my wife to take      get the typists to type      got my secretary to bring      got Tony to turn      had his watch repaired      had it changed      had me running      had me take      had my assistant take it      have all my meetings cancelled      have her hair dyed      made her cry      made me feel bad      made me feel guilty      made me fry      made the children get up      made the children put on      make the kids finish      make you believe      to have it serviced      was forced to stop   
Yesterday I had a really bad day. I at half past five, because I had to leave home early. I had to take my car to the garage . I couldn’t the children to school, because she had already arranged to that morning before work. Having to make the kids get up that early , but as you can see, I couldn’t help it. Of course, they weren’t very happy, to say the least. Then, they them eggs for breakfast, which took quite long, because our cooker is not in perfect order. I should have long ago, but somehow I never had the time. My wife started complaining again when she saw me struggling with the cooker that I can never . It just , but it didn’t improve anything. Then I spilt some hot oil on my hand, which round the kitchen, cursing and banging on everything. We were running short of time and I had to their breakfast in a hurry. The weather forecast warned us that it would be cold so I two pullovers. Jenny couldn’t find her favourite blue pullover and it . I the whole wardrobe upside down to find it, but of course it was no good. We were running twenty minutes behind schedule when we left the house. In the car, Tony asked me if I had . This might that I’m a careless father, but I hadn’t. I told him that I had to the watchmaker’s, but it wouldn’t be ready till Friday. Then Jenny tried to faster because she enjoys speed. We were late anyway, so I obliged. But only till the next corner, where I by a police car. They a breath test and fined me for speeding. When I arrived at the office, I found that my assistant hadn’t been able to my letters. That was the end. I decided I had had enough. I simply me a cup of coffee and told her to for that day. I sat down to my coffee and spent the rest of the morning reading the papers.

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