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Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Put the verbs in the correct tense

Complete the sentences below by putting the verbs in the correct tense, Present Simple or Present Continuous. Make all the necessary changes. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check answers" button. Click on "Give me a letter" to get a free letter, but you'll lose points. If you make a mistake, please try again until you get all the answers right.
(1) I can’t hear you. I (have) a shower.
(2) What's this noise? What (you / do) in there?
(3) The River Danube (flow) into the Black Sea.
(4) Listen, Joe! Mary (want) to talk to you.
(5) He (have) a bath every morning.
(6) They are in the garden. They (play) tennis.
(7) (you / daydream)?’ ‘No, I (just / think) about Mary.’
(8) Where (your brother / work) in the evenings?
(9) Hey! Where (you/ take) that magazine? I (read) it!
(10) Why (you / smell) your food? Is there anything wrong with it?
(11) (you / drink) coke?’ ‘No, this is apple juice.’
(12) I (think) you’re wrong.
(13) Don’t ask Jane now; she (have) a headache.
(14) (you / enjoy) the party?’ ‘No, I (want) to go home.’

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Exercise written by Elek Mathe - EnglishLearner.com - last modified on November 08, 2013